Celebris Concert Program May 2022

It’s so good to post another one of these. We are doing a wonderful concert featuring a lot of new works and some old favorites as well! Join us this Saturday at Bethany Reformed Church in Kalamazoo (7 pm). We’ll even have some community members join us for a few of the songs. It’s gonna be awesome!

Seasons of Life & Love

Sing We and Chaunt It (Robert Lucas Pearsall)
April Is in My Mistress’ Face (Thomas Morley)
And So It Goes (arr. Bob Chilcott)
Dirait-on (Morten Lauridsen)

Seasons of Work

Golow an Tewlder (Joel Snyder & Jane Kozhevnikova)
Reap with Joy (Joel Snyder & Jane Kozhevnikova)
Let My Country Awake (Jessie Leov—Runner Up, Celebris Composition Competition 2021)

Seasons of Heartache & Healing

The Voice of God (Joel Snyder & Jane Kozhevnikova)
You Are Loved (Joel Snyder & Rebekah Marvin)
Beloved, Let Us Love (Jane Kozhevnikova)

Seasons of Hope

The Gift to Sing (Jane Kozhevnikova)
In the Morning (Amy Gordon—Winner, Celebris Composition Competition 2021)
The Lord Bless You and Keep You (Joel Snyder & Jane Kozhevnikova)

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