Celebris (pronounced Cheh-leh-brees) is a new vocal ensemble started in May 2018. Like us on Facebook! Its focus is to

Unify the community through love of music

In these fractious times, it is important for folks to unite. Even if folks cannot agree on political, religious, or personal decisions, they should be able to unite behind the love and power of music. This ensemble seeks to bring the community together for good causes around which all can join together.

Empower musicians young and old through education and presentation

Singers need to be given opportunities. Celebris desires to help folks of all ages learn more about music. Whether that is through performances, master classes, or internships, this group wants to lift others up.

Enrich the artistic life of the community through creative collaborations performed at a high level

Many organizations view other groups as competition for arts funding. Celebris is not one of those. It actively pursues collaboration with other groups and individuals in a spirit of co-optition instead of competition.

Enkindle a love of music through engaging performances in new places

Celebris believes that the days of only singing in performance halls and churches are over. In order to bring the beauty of choral music to the masses, new sites and new venues must be pursued. Celebris will actively seek these opportunities.

If you are interested in collaborating with us, have an idea for a project, and/or wish to donate, contact us at celebris.ensemble@gmail.com. We would love to talk with you!