I have recently completed my first fiction novel, The Giftless Chronicles: The Vampire Conspiracy. It will soon be available in ebook and softcover via Amazon. I will keep you posted as I approach my publishing date! Wondering what it’s about? Well, look no further:

When a vampire shoulders John into the boy’s restroom at his new school and tries to snack on him, his first instinct is to fight back. But with the undead, punching and kicking just won’t cut it. If not for his Gifted friend Donovan, John might’ve been a goner!

When Donovan introduces John to his family of Hunters, John thinks he’s found the family he’s always longed for…but not everything is as it seems. Donovan’s Giftless sister Corinne desperately wants to join the family business, but her attempts spark Donovan’s jealousy and resentment. When dark tensions surface and her uncle antagonizes the Hunters Council, she may be John’s only ally.

As bodies stack up, together they must figure out why the vampires are always one step ahead, and who’s hunting whom. But can they survive long enough to discover the truth?