Q&A Time for My Book, The Vampire Conspiracy!

Since my publishing date is coming up fast, I thought it’d be good to do some Q&A about my book. You folks have questions, and hopefully I have answers! As always, you can join my email list for special access, contests, and offers. Without further ado, here we go!

Question 1: When will the book finally be out?

I’m finishing up the formatting as we speak. It should be out soon, and I will let you know on this very blog when the date is approaching.

Question 2: Is this one of those stupid books where the girls don’t do anything cool? (Thanks, mom) 😛

Question 3: Is this one of those stupid books where the girl beats up all the boys? (Thanks, dad) 😛 

I try to make the martial arts as realistic as a book with vampires and super-powered hunters can be. Physics, genetics, and biology are pretty unforgiving and all must be taken into account when actually fighting. Take from that what you will.

Question 4: Is this just another boring action book or is there actual character development?

I’ve always been drawn to the kinds of books where characters are either getting better or getting worse. A character that is not profoundly changed by the end of a novel is kinda boring. C.S. Lewis mastered the art of character development. His characters never stayed the same by the end of the novel. That is not to say that my book is Lewisian by any means. It’s a fun read with enjoyable characters.

Question 5: Why is John targeted by the vampire in the first chapter?

Suffice it to say, John is special, and the vampire senses it. That’s all I’ll leave with you for right now…

Question 6: Why did you start writing?

I’ve been making up stories in my head ever since I can remember. I’d run around the backyard swinging lightsabers at imaginary bad guys and all that kind of stuff. Two things held me back. 1) I never thought that I could. 2) I never thought I had the time. The opportunity to try my hand at it finally appeared a few years ago. Reduced hours at work meant that I could try something else. I started a children’s choir in Coldwater and bought a book on writing children’s fiction. I started writing, and the rest is history.

Well, that’s it. Thanks for taking the time to read this! I hope you enjoy the book!

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