My Upcoming YA Urban Fantasy Novel!

Okay, so this blog is primarily concerned with music-related things, but I’m just so excited about this! Several years ago, I began writing a novel about a monster hunting family. School got in the way, but I finally finished it and am sooooooo close to publishing it. Here’s the plot summary!

When a vampire shoulders John into the boy’s restroom at his new school and tries to snack on him, his first instinct is to fight back. But with the undead, punching and kicking just won’t cut it. Thankfully, his new friend Donovan’s Gift is killing monsters! Discovering that John is Gifted too, Donovan invites him to join his family of Hunters. John hopes he’s found the family he’s always longed for…

Though born into Hunting royalty, Donovan’s younger sister Corinne is constantly overlooked. Small, thin, and lacking the Gift, she learns instead to weaponize her mind…Dark tensions fester beneath the surface of her family. Her parents play favorites, Donovan sneaks around with a girl from school, and her uncle antagonizes the Hunter’s Council.

In Hunter lore vampires thirst for blood first and think second. So why are these vampires always one step ahead? And who’s hunting whom? A tale of magic, mystery, mayhem, monsters, and martial arts!

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