Greetings from the Baltics! We are happy to announce that the Western Michigan University Chorale has won First Prize in the Kaunas Cantat Grand Prix! Not only that, but we won several other awards. They are:

Gold Medal:

Main Competiton Category

Spirituals Category

Modern Category

Dr. Adams also received the Conductor Award!

Overall, this has been an amazing trip. It was exciting to see the spirit of camaraderie. We enjoyed supporting the other choirs and were encouraged by their support of us. We even engaged in some late night singing with a choir of lawyers from Finland, who were our most vociferous cheerleaders throughout the duration of the competition.

Broncos & Fins

We had a great time singing with the Finnish Choir Lain Huuto!

One of the great things about these kinds of choir festivals is that we are introduced to different choral tones and repertoire. Choirs from Serbia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Russia, Poland, and Finland each brought their own unique cultures, sounds, and national composers. The scores ultimately were ephemeral, but the spirit of love and learning will last for a lifetime. We greatly enjoyed learning from them and are looking forward to our choir exchange with the choir from the University of Riga, Latvia!

Take a Knee


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