March 2016 Life Update

Well, it’s been a while since I posted on here. I blame busyness. And boy, have I been busy!

It’s been a good kind of busy, though. (1) I have been diligently working through school at Western Michigan University. (2) I started a new job at Borgess Hospital. I’m still teaching voice lessons through Marshall Music. (3) My children’s choir in Coldwater is still going strong. (4) I direct church worship on Sundays. (5) I even had a gig singing Faure Requiem here in Kalamazoo!

WMU has been a great school to attend. My conducting prof, Dr. Kimberly Dunn-Adams, is awesome. I have learned so much from her! Under her direction, the Chorale this year has sung for the state ACDA conference, the Michigan Music Conference, and the regional ACDA conference. I sang solos at the latter two, which was a blast.

In January, I started a new job as a Patient Sitter at Borgess Hospital. For those of you who don’t know what a Patient Sitter is, it is what it sounds like. I sit with patients who need supervision so that the nurses can do their job of providing care. Needless to say, I have had some very interesting shifts, including one very eventful night in the psych ward.

I’m still teaching voice lessons at Marshall Music as well as privately. My students are learning. It’s always nice to see singers who are passionate about growing, singing healthily, and learning to read. I even have one student who regularly does her sight-reading practicing! That’s crazy, right?

My Coldwater responsibilities have kept me busy. The Branch United Youth Choir finished their first official Christmas program in December. We have a Butter Braid fundraiser coming up, and we are eagerly preparing for our spring concert in May. The kids are singing well. I have been especially pleased with my younger choir’s growth this semester.

My church in Coldwater has been very supportive during my time at WMU. They are wonderful people. Balancing school, work, and church responsibilities can be tricky. I am thankful for a loving church body that has shown patience and kindness to me.

Yesterday, I sang the baritone solos for the Faure Requiem. It was a great experience singing with the folks at Portage Chapel Hill United Methodist Church. They were very appreciative. We were able to sing some wonderful music together.

I look forward to singing the part of Pilate in Ars Voce’s upcoming performance of Bach’s St. John Passion (March 20). I will be singing with members of the Chicago Lyric Opera and other great performers in Kalamazoo and Battle Creek. I would love to see you all there!

Anyway, so that’s it for now. Thanks for reading. I hope you all have a great day! I’m going to keep enjoying my Spring Break.

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