The Method of Practicing Music

Music students should practice. This is a given. While many understand the need to perform this action, they also feel inadequate to the task. This post is designed to teach my students how to rehearse. The method I am using is not unique to me. I heard this from one of my teachers back in undergrad. So, without further ado, here is my method for rehearsing. It is called the three I’s.

First, Isolate the problem. Find what you are messing up. Usually, the problem is a music reading one (e.g. wrong notes, wrong rhythms, etc.).  Sometimes it is a vocal one. Whatever the problem is, your first step in fixing it is to determine what it is.

Second, Instruct yourself on how to perform the problem area correctly. It might mean breaking the part down into solfege/rhythms, plunking it out on the piano, or asking someone else for help.

Third, Insert the section back into the music. You will not really know if you fixed the problem unless you perform it correctly in its context.

Hopefully, this will help you as you practice on this site.