25 Things I Have Learned This School Year (2009-2010)

1. Find your contentment in God.

2. Show grace when you can, justice when necessary.

3. Find other opportunities for your students to perform. I was able to take some of my senior high students to Bob Jones University for the Fall Fine Arts Festival; my select elementary students were able to attend the VOKE Choral Festival with Elaine Quilichini. My students enjoyed both trips. My elementary students especially became more focused and enthusiastic concerning music.

4. The Kodaly method really works. I have been using it intensively over the course of the year. My elementary students have started grasping musical concepts. They love the singing games, and the pacing works very well.

5. You need to roll with the punches.

6. Have humility.

7. Personal discipleship is very important in a Christian school.

8. Be able to see your mistakes.

9. Emphasize a focus on ministry in your music groups.

10. Always push your choirs to greater ability. They always need to be growing.

11. Southerners are psychologically incapable of designing a straight road.

12. Midwesterners, such as myself, are psychologically incapable of navigating southern roads.

13. Always do your best to disseminate information. Keep the greatest amount of people aware of the greatest amount of information.

14. E-mail distribution lists are your friends.

15. Judges can be quite lousy.

16. Look at all competitions as learning experiences.

17.  Make friends, even if it means you have to open yourself up to the possibility of rejection.

18. Keep doing the next right thing.

19. Keep good track of your money.

20. Keep trying to earn money. No job is too menial.

21. Dealing with crazy-parents requires love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, goodness, faithfulness, and self-control.

22. Show love as much as you can.

23. Realize that some will throw that love back in your face.

24. Show love as much as you can.

25. Always be looking to grow musically, spiritually, physically, and emotionally.