Solfa Lesson Plan (Fa)

Here is a quick outline of a lesson that I used to teach my 4th grade students some important information about fa. This was my second class concentrating on fa. During the first class on fa, I simply introduced fa and the handsign. Last summer, God allowed me to complete my level 1 certification for the Kodaly Method at Westminster Choir College. The following utilizes elements from my time there as well as from Lois Choksy’s book Kodaly Method I. I had my TA make the illustration found on p. 81.

I do not profess to be the best Kodaly teacher. I am still very much a beginner. However, my students learned and enjoyed the lesson well enough. I hope this is a blessing and help to someone.

Greeting Portion (5 Minutes)

Learned hymn–For the Beauty of the Earth (preparing ti)

High Concentration Portion (10-15 Minutes)

Sang Stand Up and Bless the Lord. Played a little game where we changed the first words of each phrase to different actions, such as “clap, clap and bless the Lord/snap, snap and bless the Lord your God”. Then the students physically did the actions without singing, after which they sang the words of the rest of the song (Audiation).

I then had my students sing the first phrase of the song in solfa with handsigns. We made a game out of singing the phrase faster and faster, then slower, until the students could sing it with the handsigns fluidly.

The last thing I did in this section was point out with my visual aid (found in KMI 81) that fa was closer to mi than it was to sol. I also let them hear it on the piano using C-do. We then practiced saying “fa is closer to mi than it is to sol” with a little hand signal thing one of my students and I made up. We practiced singing it as well.

Change of Pace Portion (10 Minutes)

The next section we played a little game where I had different rhythms written on the board. The students competed to see which team could read my rhythms with the rhythmic syllables.

Moderate Concentration Portion (8 Minutes)

We learned that the song Come Ye Sinners was conducted with a 4 pattern. I taught them the 4 pattern, then had separate students (2 at a time) conduct the class.

Farewell Portion (2 Minutes)

We sang For the Beauty of the Earth again